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Child custody can be one of the most sensitive and emotional issues involved in a divorce.  With both your rights as a parent and the interests of your child are at stake, it is crucial to seek counsel from an experienced child custody lawyer in Raleigh as soon as possible after you and your spouse decide to separate.

Seek experienced representation from child custody lawyers in Raleigh

Child custody consists of a number of rights and responsibilities that manage the caretaking relationship of parents and their children, and typically involves two categories of custody:

  • Physical child custody. This term refers to the physical right of a parent to be with the child, and usually determines who the primary caretaker is after the divorce.
  • Legal child custody. This term refers to the authority of one or both parents to decide on matters that relate to the well-being of their child, including healthcare, education, and religion.

A judge grants custody by considering the state laws of North Carolina, the parents or guardians, and the best interests of the child.  The National Center for Health Statistics reports that nearly 75 percent of all child custody awards are made to the mother, with only about 10 percent made to fathers.  However, mothers do not have presumptive rights to custody, and joint custody is becoming increasingly common.

If you and your spouse have children and are planning to divorce, you should contact child custody lawyers in Raleigh as soon as possible.  The accomplished attorneys at Hatch, Little & Bunn, LLP can ease your mind about concerns regarding child custody and visitation, and protect your interests and rights as a parent in the event of a contested divorce.

Local attorneys protecting the welfare of your children

North Carolina courts make child custody decisions according to a standard based on the best interests of the child.  The courts also take all instances of domestic violence into account when considering the well-being of children.

A local child custody lawyer in Raleigh is well-versed in all state laws that govern child custody, and is often familiar with local government, police, and courts.  Additionally, the convenience of hiring a local law firm can be an important time-saving advantage.  Our experienced child custody attorneys in Raleigh can protect your rights to visitation and custody in mediation or litigation.

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With over 50 years of experience serving clients throughout North Carolina, Hatch, Little & Bunn, LLP can safeguard both the best interests of your children and your rights as a parent.  Contact Hatch, Little & Bunn, LLP today to speak with accomplished Raleigh child custody attorneys.


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