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Assault and battery are serious criminal charges that may result in substantial penalties. With this in mind, working with a criminal defense attorney you can trust to explore all of your legal options and protect your rights is critical. At Hatch, Little & Bunn, LLP in Raleigh, our lawyers are passionate about helping people throughout our community as they move through the criminal justice system. Every single person who seeks our services is important to us, and we take pride in serving as our clients’ dependable legal advocates.

The different types of assault and battery crimes

There are many different forms of assault and battery. The following are some of the most common our criminal defense lawyers see on a regular basis:

  • Simple assault — This is the most basic form of assault, usually resulting in no injuries to the alleged victim. No weapons may be used in the incident for the crime to be considered simple assault, and actual physical contact does not have to occur. Verbal assault of another person is also illegal.
  • Simple battery — This broad crime includes any unwanted physical contact, often with the use of force. No significant injuries have to occur to the alleged victim for one to be charged with this crime.
  • Aggravated assault — This form of assault includes coercion or the implied potential for harm using a deadly weapon or an otherwise aggressive show of force. In many cases, aggravated assault results in significant injuries to the victim.
  • Aggravated battery — This type of battery typically involves the use of a deadly weapon to harm another person. The battery may also be considered aggravated if the alleged act is against a child, mentally disabled person, an elderly individual or another vulnerable individual.
  • Sexual assault and battery — This crime involves an alleged offender using force, sometimes with a deadly weapon, to make unwanted sexual contact with a victim. This is often an issue in domestic violence cases.

Penalties for misdemeanors and felonies

In North Carolina, assault and battery charges may be considered misdemeanors or felonies. For less serious misdemeanors, such as simple assault or battery, a first-time offender can expect a sentence of up to 30 days in jail, fines up to $1,000 and community service or victim restitution. For a second or subsequent conviction, however, the penalties could be more severe, including up to two months in jail. For aggravated or sexual assault and battery, which are often considered class A1 or class 1 misdemeanors, the penalties for a conviction may include supervised probation, up to 150 days incarceration and large fines.

A defendant faces felony charges for an assault or a battery with a deadly weapon. The penalties for a conviction vary widely and often depend on whether a judge or jury believes the alleged offender had the intent to kill the victim. Prison sentences range from 15 to 98 months, in addition to fines, probation and other penalties.

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