What Causes a License Revocation in NC?

We commonly have people who tell us that they’ve been charged with Driving While License Revoked who simply aren’t even sure why their license is even revoked in the first place.  Sometimes, these people say that they don’t understand how their license can be revoked because they’ve never had a North Carolina license.  Trying to wade through the murky waters of the DMV rules and regulations can be frustrating and tiresome.  The path back to a license can be difficult and require several steps.

The Criminal Defense Team at Hatch, Little & Bunn is experienced in helping people either get their license back or clear up hurdles to getting a license at all.  The truth of the matter is that you don’t necessarily need to have had a license in North Carolina to have your privilege to drive here revoked.  Call us today to find out how we can help you get out of the DMV and back on the road.  Here are a few common hurdles to getting your license back.

Failures to Comply (FTC)

If you’ve gone to court and pled guilty to a charge, but then forgotten to pay the courts costs, your license may be revoked for a failure to comply with the court’s judgment.  After the statutory compliance period has run, the clerk’s office will notify the DMV if you have failed to pay the required costs.  Your license will then be revoked until you comply with the judgment- meaning that you won’t be able to drive until you pay the costs from your case.

Failure to Appear (FTA)

If you fail to appear in court for a case related to your license (like a speeding ticket), your license may be revoked for an FTA.  After the 20 day Failure to Appear is entered by the clerk’s office, the DMV will receive notice of the fact that you have failed to appear and will schedule your license for revocation.  Under this revocation, your license will remain revoked until you resolve the case for which you failed to appear.  Even if you manage to have your case rescheduled, if the 20-day FTA period has already passed your license can remain revoked until your case is fully resolved, which could be months down the road!

Failure to Deposit Security

If you have been in an accident and you didn’t have the required liability insurance, your license can be revoked for failure to deposit security.  In order to lift this revocation on your license, you will either have to set up a payment plan with the insurance provider of the other party from the accident or show the DMV that a sufficient amount of time has past since the accident and you have not been sued for the damages.

Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in Raleigh

Sometimes the hardest part of getting your license back is just figuring out why it was revoked in the first place.  The three examples above are just a few of the reasons why your license may have been revoked.  Call an experienced suspended or revoked driver license attorney today at Hatch, Little and Bunn and let us find out what is keeping you off the road and help you chart a path to get back behind the wheel.


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